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Hair & Makeup Artist

Hello, my name is Christina Marie DeCuffa. Rooted in St. Paul, Minnesota. Daughter, sister and proud mother of three beautiful boys. Married to the love of my life of eight years. I am a hairspray loving, lipstick wearing dreamer with a passion to make all things pretty. I am grateful for the lives I get to enter and the memories that come out of the relationships I build through my business. It would be an honor to be apart of your day and the years to come.


Hair & Makeup Artist

My name is Bridget Marie Rios. Born and raised in Minnesota. I am a laughter creator, cake baker, quiet observer, hair magician that loves lipstick. I have two handsome sons and a beautiful daughter with my best friend and husband of six years. It brings me joy to work with people that are excited about their life and who let me enter some of their most intimate moments. I take deep pride in my work and would love to be a part of your most special days.

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