Bride Consultation

Bride Consultation

Rates, Services & Questions

  • Hair & Makeup

  • $10000
  • Just Hair

  • $5000
  • Just Makeup

  • $5000


  • How far in advance should the consultation be?
    Consultations are typically done 2-6 weeks before the wedding date.
  • What is a consultation and what happens during it?
    A consultation is your time to work with your artist on the look you want to have on your wedding day. Bring photos of looks you like and don’t like along with any jewelry you will wear or hairpieces. You will practice a few options for hair and/or makeup until you get the feel you love. Depending on the services you are requesting it can last from 60-120 minutes.
  • Do you provide recommendations for what would look good or would I be responsible for coming with a plan of what I wanted done?
    We always recommend you bring a few photos of looks you like and don’t like. This is a great starting point for you and your artist. However, if you don’t have anything, your artist can ask a series of questions that will help you both narrow down the best look and feel.
  • Are you able to use hair extensions?
    We can definitely use hair extensions. We just recommend you have them with you at the time of your consultation.
  • Where is the consultation done?
    Consultations are done at our studio in downtown St. Paul.